We wear our glasses all day, but we don’t think much about the toll the day takes on our lenses.

You can’t always avoid having your glasses scratched or bent, but there are a lot of things you can do to preserve the clarity of your lenses and integrity of your frames.

Tip #1: Clean Your Glasses The Right Way

Our first instinct when we notice dusty or smudged lenses is to give them a quick wipe with our shirt. Don’t do it! Cleaning dry lenses with the wrong cloth simply grinds dirt and oils into them, leaving hairline scratches which soon cloud your vision. Instead, follow this guide:

  1. Rinse the dust and dirt off your lenses with warm water. You can use a drop of non-citrus dishwashing liquid if needed.
  2. Once your glasses are rinsed, only use microfiber lens cleaning cloths and lens cleaning solution. Other cleaning agents may dissolve the protective coating.

Don’t spit on your glasses to clean them. Aside from exposing your eyes to bacteria, the enzymes in saliva can eat away at anti-scratch lens coating.

Tip #2: If They’re Not On Your Face…

Glasses get sat on, knocked off nightstands, and dropped. The best thing you can do to protect them is to keep one simple rule—if they’re not on your face, keep them in a case! If you don’t have a case handy, be mindful of where you leave your glasses. Place them where they won’t get sat upon or swept to the floor.

Tip #3: Be Smart When Working Out

Wear a sports strap to keep your frames secure during physical activity. Better yet, wear an old backup pair. Sweat quickly dissolves some coatings on frames and lenses. If you frequently run or play sports, think about investing in a pair of activewear lenses. They have the comfort, protection, and toughness you’ll need.

Keep Your Glasses Looking New!

With proper care and a bit of precaution, your glasses can stay as clear and beautiful as the day you got them. To help with that, we’re proud to offer the latest in protective lens coatings. Ask us about them the next time you com in for an appointment!

Thanks for choosing a Vision Source® practice as your support team for lifelong vision health. We appreciate you!