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A Back-to-School Contact Lens Guide For Teens

Another summer behind us, another school year just ahead.  As you rush around getting new school clothes and school supplies, don’t forget to schedule your student’s back-to-school eye exam. This is an essential step for school readiness because poor vision can be a barrier to learning. Which might be why August is Back to School… Read More

How To Care For Your Contacts

Properly caring for your contact lenses is synonymous with caring for your eyes. Contact lenses are safely used by millions of people everyday. They do, however, carry a risk of eye infection if worn or cleaned improperly. Your eyes allow you to see and experience the world around you, so it’s important to protect them,… Read More

Contact Lenses: Is Your Child Old Enough?

Do you remember how old you were when you learned to drive? How about when you got your first cell phone? Many of us hit these milestones at different ages as we were growing up, but when it comes to contact lenses, how old is “old enough?” So What Is The Right Age For Contact… Read More

A Brief History Of Contact Lenses

With all the crazy technology we see today, you probably haven’t thought much about the small wonder that helps you see all that cool tech: your contact lenses! The concept of the contact lens was conceived over 500 years ago! But it didn’t really become what it is today until the 20th century. Let’s learn a… Read More

Biotrue ONEday lenses

Biotrue ONEday Lenses – Inspired by the biology of your eyes Contact wearers can encounter a myriad of issues with their lenses. Dry or irritated eyes from a lack of moisture, redness or allergic reaction from cleaning solutions or in extreme cases, Hypoxia, a lack of oxygen to the cornea. Enter Biotrue ONEday lenses… First… Read More

Are Halloween Eye Contact Lenses Safe?

Halloween decorative contact lenses are on the rise and certainly look cool, but are they safe? Many eye doctors say not really… Wouldn’t it be cool to look like one of the Twilight vampires for Halloween with those piercing red eyes? It’s fun to put on scary costumes for trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, but you… Read More