You, our valued patients and friends, are the most important part of what we do.

When you visit our practice, you’ll notice that it feels different from those big “chain” glasses stores. That’s because we ARE different. We take the old fashioned, one-to-one, long-term, lifetime care approach.

Reason 1: You Benefit From An Extensive Network With A Small-Scale Focus

Our practice is part of North America’s largest organization of private, independent practice optometrists. As part of this group, we enjoy access to exclusive, top-quality products, tools, and training. This helps us keep your care affordable. At the same time, we are able to retain our autonomy as a private practice.

Reason 2: Recommendations Are Always Driven By YOUR Needs

Maintaining our independence allows us to make decisions, recommendations, and diagnoses based entirely on your needs! We don’t have “corporate policies” that may restrict our ability to customize your treatment, or initiatives that compel us to sell or recommend certain products.

Reason 3: Consistency And Long-Term Focus

We’re dedicated to giving you and your family the best lifelong care. Long-term relationships based on trust are the best scenario for everyone, and we take our role as one of your health care providers deeply to heart. It’s what drives us. Being part of the long-term fabric of our community means something to us.

Every patient who walks into our practice is different. Not just their individual eyes, but also their needs, habits, personality, and challenges. That’s why we value the ability to customize care for your needs.

Here’s To The Crazy Ones

It’s been a long time since we last viewed the inspired, classic message from this old Apple commercial. Somehow, it seems to apply here.

In a world today that’s continually trying to commodify health care, perhaps we are the crazy ones because we still believe in individuality and relationships. Perhaps you’re also one of the crazy ones because you value it as we do.

Thanks For Being A Patient Who Notices The Difference

We realize that you have lots of choices when it comes to your eye care. We’re honored that you’ve chosen us. Our promise is that we will always focus on what matters most—preserving and correcting the vision of our valued patients while maintaining your trust. We want to be your partner for a lifetime of healthy sight.

Visit With Us Often

When you have questions, let us know. If it’s time for your regular eye exam, give us a call. We love to see you.