Over 9,000 fireworks injuries occur each year. Many of these injuries include eye damage—sometimes permanently compromising vision!

It’s Fireworks Safety Month

Too many of us forget that fireworks are dangerous, explosive devices, NOT family-friendly toys! Always follow safe practices around fireworks, whether you’re attending a professional production, or using consumer fireworks in your driveway.

Educate yourself about the firework allowances and restrictions in your community. Those rules are there to keep the community safe! Also remember that fireworks of any type—from a professional display to a lone sparkler—require careful safety precautions.

A Few Simple Rules For Fireworks Safety

  • Never leave kids alone to play with fireworks. ALWAYS include responsible adult supervision.
  • Always respect safety barriers, whether you’re at a professional display or using consumer fireworks.
  • Know your fireworks and read every label, then follow all recommendations and safety warnings!
  • Never relight a dud. Wait 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.
  • Wear eye goggles! 
  • If you get ash in your eye, flush it out with water, don’t rub.

Remember, each of these precautions applies even for small, safe-seeming fireworks. Sparklers, for example, burn amazingly hot! They’re about 10 times hotter than boiling water. Imagine that flying at your face.

We Hope You Never Need This, But Just In Case…

Just in case you or someone you know does sustain an eye injury from fireworks, follow this rule: go straight to the emergency room. No sidetracks. Don’t touch the eye, remove any fragments, or even stop for painkiller. Get medical assistance as soon as possible!

Show Your Eyes The Respect They Deserve

Don’t put your precious eyesight in danger by being careless with pyrotechnics. Follow safety precautions and preserve your vision! If you ever have questions about your eyesight and health, let us know. We’re here to help! Enjoy the summer season. Have fun, and be safe.