Treating Eye Allergies Made Affordable and Easy

Cargo Eye Care Makes Treating Eye Allergies Affordable and Easy

Itchy, red, watery eyes? Swollen eyelids? Sneezing and drippy faucet nose? It can only mean one thing: Spring allergy season in Texas is back for another round.

Eye allergies — caused by the same irritants that cause sneezing and a runny nose among seasonal allergy sufferers — are common in North Texas.

But don’t worry. Relief is here, and it’s more affordable than you think with Cargo Eye Care of Las Colinas. “We are launching a new program in partnership with Walgreens that gives our patients access to all Bausch and Lomb’s branded pharmaceutical products for no more than $35,” said Jonathan Cargo, O.D. Regardless of co-pay or deductible, as long as patients fill their prescriptions at a local Walgreens pharmacy, they can take advantage of this $35 maximum out-of-pocket.

This is a tremendous opportunity as some of these prescription allergy eye drops can cost up to $200. This program includes more than 30 branded products at up to a 95 percent savings! Simply call Cargo Eye Care of Las Colinas at (972) 432-2020 for details on which prescriptions are included.