New Technology Allows for Earlier Detection

At Cargo Eye Care, we know technology plays a huge role in getting the best possible outcomes. For this reason, we are committed to researching and investing in the latest technology for a variety of eye conditions.

We recently upgraded our retinal imaging platform. And this new system, called the Optos Monaco, allows for fast, comprehensive imaging of both eyes in as little as 90 seconds! So, when it comes to screening for things like diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, this is a game-changer!

Jacob’s Story

Dr. Cargo recently saw a young patient who benefitted from screening with the Optos Monaco:

“I saw a 9-year-old child named Jacob for the first time. He was quite shy, and his father mainly spoke for him. Like many children his age, Jacob was starting to have trouble seeing further away. However, this wasn’t Jacob’s first time to the eye doctor. His father disclosed to me that two years ago, his right eye was removed and replaced with a prosthesis.

The ocularist did an excellent job of matching the appearance of his left eye, and it was difficult to detect by most casual observers. Additionally, his father told me that his former eye doctor discovered a retinal tumor called retinoblastoma during a routine eye exam. This is a life-threatening tumor that easily spreads to other organs of the body. Unfortunately, the recommended treatment is to remove the eye to save the child’s life.

Like many diseases, early detection of retinal problems is critical for good outcomes. The Optos Monaco, allows us to capture a digital, widefield image of the retina in about a second. Monaco now also gives us the ability to use Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for the early detection of macular degeneration. In fact, the Optos was first designed by an engineer in Scotland whose son lost his eye to the same type of tumor Jacob had. We perform this imaging on all our patients to provide them with the best care possible.

We scanned Jacob’s left eye, and no problems were found. In fact, his vision was actually very good! I reassured both Jacob and his father that his left eye was healthy and seeing well, but stressed eye protection. I plan to see Jacob back next year and keep him seeing well for years to come.”

Annual Eye Exams Can Save Sight

Don’t skip your annual sight-saving exam! Annual comprehensive eye exams are critical as they can reveal hidden signs of disease, allowing for more timely treatment. For this reason, we recommend that children and adults have them annually or more often as recommended by their eye doctor.

“Our focus on comprehensive eye health means we look for anything that might affect your eyes. And from basic eye exams to dry eye check-ups, our goal is to safeguard every aspect of your eye health.”

Jonathan Cargo, OD, optometrist and founder of Cargo Eye Care

At Cargo Eye Care, we want all of our patients to enjoy a high quality of life in every season. Our doctors have extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of many eye conditions. Schedule your comprehensive eye exam today to make sure your eyes are healthy for a lifetime.