Welcome 2022 in Style with New Glasses or Contacts

How was your 2021? At Cargo Eye Care, we are closing out the year with gratitude; both for our amazing Cargo team and for our wonderful family of patients we are honored to serve every day.

Whether your 2021 was all smiles or you’re ready to say goodbye and are looking forward to better days on the horizon, we have a reminder that can have you ending the year on a high note!

It’s time to Use It or Lose It

Do you have a Flex Spending Account? If you do, it’s time to check that balance and make a plan to use it before the end of the year! Why? Because, unlike the extra pounds we may or may not carry into the new year🤦‍♀️, those dollars will not carry over!

You can use your FSA for things like new glasses, contacts or even prescription sunglasses! Check out these amazing deals you can use in conjunction with your FSA for even more savings! Talk about Happy holidays to you!!

Bausch + Lomb’s new Infuse Contact Lenses provide 16-hours of clear, comfortable wear. Purchase an annual supply and get a $250 rebate!

Infure contact lenses
Or…for a limited time, purchase a pair of glasses and get a second pair at 50% OFF!

get a second pair of glasses at 50% OFF

Beyond your FSA (or if your employer doesn’t offer one), there are other ways to maximize year-end savings on your eye care. By the final months of the year, most people have met their annual deductible, making it a great time to schedule things like dry eye treatment or even pediatric myopia management. Not sure how all that works? Our insurance specialists are happy to help!

From the Cargo Eye Care family to yours, we sincerely wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year! And if you’d like to give yourself the gift of new glasses or contacts this holiday season, please reach out! We can’t wait to see you!