You have presbyopia. Now what?

You Have Presbyopia. Now what? Do you find yourself squinting to read your computer screen, or struggling to read your smartphone, menus, magazines or labels? If you do, and you’re over 40, chances are you have presbyopia. Presbyopia Signs And Symptoms Presbyopia is the normal change that occurs as your eye ages because the lens… Read More

Signs It’s Time For An Eye Exam

Signs It’s Time For An Eye Exam It’s always a good idea to schedule regular eye exams, but there are several reasons for coming to see us between those regular appointments. What do we mean by “regular appointments?” Well, that varies, largely depending on age. Children should have their first eye exam at six months, their second… Read More

Home Improvement And Eye Safety

Home Improvement And Eye Safety More than 2.5 million eye injuries occur every year, and half of those injuries happen at home. The good news is that 90 percent of eye injuries are completely preventable if we follow eye safety instructions and use eye protection! Take Precautions With Those DIY Projects We normally associate safety goggles with… Read More

Fighting The Drain Of Digital Eye Strain

Fighting The Drain Of Digital Eye Strain Every year, more than ten million patients visit eye doctors for problems related to digital eye strain. It doesn’t take much to produce digital eye strain—as little as two hours in front of a computer per day gives you a 90 percent chance to develop it. This makes it the single… Read More

A Back-to-School Contact Lens Guide For Teens

Another summer behind us, another school year just ahead.  As you rush around getting new school clothes and school supplies, don’t forget to schedule your student’s back-to-school eye exam. This is an essential step for school readiness because poor vision can be a barrier to learning. Which might be why August is Back to School… Read More

The Value Of Back-To-School Eye Exams

With school starting up again soon, now is a great time to start thinking about scheduling an eye appointment for your child. Classroom Vision Problems Are Varied Experts estimate that 10 percent of preschoolers have a vision problem significant enough to impact learning, and being nearsighted or farsighted aren’t the only problems you can have with your… Read More

Helping Your Children Love Their Glasses

Is your third-grader constantly “forgetting” her glasses at home? Does your little boy come up with all kinds of excuses not to wear his? Here are some tips for keeping those glasses on! Their Glasses Should Be Their Own Glasses don’t carry quite the same stigma they used to, but the fear of facing mockery… Read More

Vacation Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Summer is finally here and you know what that means–family vacations, impromptu getaways and fun trips! Just like you, we couldn’t be more excited. But we also want to make sure that when you leave on vacation, you continue practicing the good habits that keep your eyes healthy! Follow these tips to protect your peepers,… Read More

Why We Get Dark Circles Under Our Eyes

Getting a poor night’s rest isn’t the only reason you get dark circles under your eyes! Many of us have seen those pesky dark circles or bags under our eyes and blame it on a lack of sleep. But there’s actually more to it than that! The Skin Under Your Eyes Is Very Thin The… Read More

Our Eyes Are The Window To Our Overall Health

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… taking care of your body is synonymous to taking care of your eyes! Your eyes may be the window to the soul, but perhaps even more importantly, they can be a window to your overall health. But when you think of being healthy, your eyes probably… Read More