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How Exercise Benefits Our Eyes

How Exercise Benefits Our Eyes Exercising for good health is a top priority for many people. We exercise to build strength, stay fit, and feel good. Staying active is crucial to overall health, including lowering our risk of chronic health problems like type 2 diabetes, heart conditions, and high blood pressure, but did you know… Read More

The Effects Of Blue Light

The Effects Of Blue Light Nearly two decades into the 21st century, most of us have nightly rituals that include checking our smartphones before bed. This might not be the healthiest way to end our days. Many eye doctors are concerned about the effects our screen time could have on our vision and our health,… Read More

Home Improvement And Eye Safety

Home Improvement And Eye Safety More than 2.5 million eye injuries occur every year, and half of those injuries happen at home. The good news is that 90 percent of eye injuries are completely preventable if we follow eye safety instructions and use eye protection! Take Precautions With Those DIY Projects We normally associate safety goggles with… Read More

Fighting The Drain Of Digital Eye Strain

Fighting The Drain Of Digital Eye Strain Every year, more than ten million patients visit eye doctors for problems related to digital eye strain. It doesn’t take much to produce digital eye strain—as little as two hours in front of a computer per day gives you a 90 percent chance to develop it. This makes it the single… Read More

Vacation Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Summer is finally here and you know what that means–family vacations, impromptu getaways and fun trips! Just like you, we couldn’t be more excited. But we also want to make sure that when you leave on vacation, you continue practicing the good habits that keep your eyes healthy! Follow these tips to protect your peepers,… Read More

Physical Exercise Is Good For Your Eyes

Healthy vision starts with a healthy body! Just as your whole body benefits from frequent exercise, so do your eyes. In fact, a healthy lifestyle including a nutritional diet and regular physical activity can help protect your vision from the devastating effects of eye disease. Reduce Your Risk Of Eye Disease Through Exercise Some of… Read More

4 Makeup Tips For Your New Frames

Your glasses are a unique expression of your personality. And with a few simple makeup techniques, you’ll really get the look you want. We all know that our glasses pose a unique challenge when we’re applying makeup. If you’re wondering how to flatter your new fames during your makeup routine, checkout these helpful hints below!… Read More

This Winter, Don’t Forget To Protect Your Eyes

Your eyes need protection year-round. Wear Your Sunglasses–Even In Winter You may be surprised to hear that unprotected eyes can sustain just as much damage from the sun in the winter months as they can during the summer, and sometimes more! Did you know that snow reflects 80 percent of UV radiation? That means that… Read More

Optical Illusions: More Than Meets The Eye

As you stare at an optical illusion you may wonder… are your eyes playing tricks on you? To fully understand how optical illusions work, it’s important to grasp that the visual system is made up of more than just our eyes. In fact, optical illusions don’t necessarily trick our eyes—they trick our brains. The Visual System… Read More

3D Entertainment And Our Eyes

While some people are die-hard 3D moviegoers, others struggle to see the characters come to life and leap off the screen. Why is this? And what does it have to do with our eyes? 3D Entertainment Attempts To Imitate Normal Vision Put simply, 3D films attempt to imitate how we see things all the time—in three… Read More